Get Healthy

ALL services at Teen Clinic are free or low-cost and confidential. At Teen Clinic we will listen to you with respect. We will work with you and your strengths to make sure you are getting great care. You are unique–that’s why it’s your Teen Clinic!

Hours for Teens:

Teens can make an appointment for any time our clinic is open — and still receive specialized Teen Clinic care and pricing. For teens who prefer to come in during Teen-Only hours, we offer those as well.

BOULDER hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2 for lunch)

Thursday: 2-6pm

Saturday: 11-3pm for Teens ONLY


Monday: 9-1pm for all patients, 2-6pm for Teens ONLY

Tuesday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2 for lunch)

Wednesday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2 for lunch)

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 9-2pm

When making an appointment, make sure you mention your age. We will have some special slots saved throughout the week just for teens!

Payment and Insurance:

Teen Clinic accepts insurance! There are a few different scenarios that may apply to you.

If you are…

17 and under and your parents/guardians know you visit Teen Clinic:

  • You can use your insurance for all services and your parents/guardians will be responsible for any co-pays or deductibles.
  • If you choose not to use or cannot use your insurance, your services will still be on a donation basis.

17 and under and you’re parents/guardians do NOT know you visit Teen Clinic:

  • Remember that INSURANCE IS NOT MANDATORY. If your parents do not know you go to Teen Clinic or you don’t want to your use your insurance, you do not have to. Your services will still be on a donation basis.

All 18 and 19 year olds:

  • You can use your insurance for all services if you feel comfortable.
  • Teens who choose not to enroll in insurance or who choose not to use their insurance will pay out of pocket for services based on the special Teen Clinic pricing scale. Cost for these services will depend on your income. No service will ever be over $50 at Teen Clinic.

18 or 19 years old with Medicaid:

  • If you have Medicaid, you can use it for any services at Teen Clinic. If the services are related to prevention or birth control, there will be no co-pay. If the services are not, there may be a $1 or $2 co-pay

18 or 19 years old with Private Insurance:

  • You can use your insurance for all services

Confidentiality Notice for 18 and 19 year olds using a parent or guardian’s insurance:

Effective January 1st, the Colorado Division of Insurance provided some confidentiality protection for young adults (ages 18-25) covered under their parent/guardian’s insurance. Insurance companies will send the Explanation of Benefits (which summarizes services received) to the patient directly, rather than to the parents or guardians. If you are insured under someone else’s policy and are concerned about confidentiality, you can contact your insurance company and have them send the Explanation of Benefits to another address.

Your Health

Staying healthy is important! If you’re thinking about becoming sexually active, or you already are, Teen Clinic can help you to make informed decisions about protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections and/or preventing an unintended pregnancy. For more information about safer sex, click here.

Your First Visit

Going to a clinic for the first time can be exciting and scary all at once! Our friendly and professional staff wants you to be comfortable and feel at home. For more information on preparing for your first visit, click here.

Your Partner

Teen Clinic is for anyone under 20 years old. Whether your partner needs their own appointment or comes along to support you, we want them to feel welcome. For more information on talking to your partner about sexual health, click here.