How do I get an appointment?

Call us! For both our Longmont and Boulder locations, call the same number: 303.442.5160. For details on making an appointment, click here.

Can I use public transportation to easily get to the clinic?

Women’s Health in Boulder is convenient to several bus routes – 205, 208, the Bound and the Bolt.

Women’s Health at Longmont is a short walk from several Longmont bus routes — 323, 324, 327, and the Bolt.

***Attention Longmont Bus Riders! Starting July 1, 2014 all of Longmont’s local buses will be free! Hop on and off of the bus as many times as you want, all day long. Local buses are those that travel solely within the City of Longmont (not the Bolt). Get more information on Ride Free Longmont.

You can use the RTD Trip Planner to get customized public transportation directions from your starting point.

Is it really confidential?

Yes! Colorado law requires that we keep all our patients’ health information private and confidential, regardless of age. You don’t need a parent or guardian’s permission to get tested for STIs or start a birth control method. Any care you receive at Teen Clinic cannot be shared with anyone. The only time we have to break confidentiality is if a patient under 18 reports an incident of sexual assault or abuse. In these cases we are mandatory reporters (just like your teachers and counselors). If we have to report, we can provide support and care throughout the process.

Why is Teen Clinic free or low-cost?

Due to community funding, we are able to waive the fees for most of our services. We understand that many young people don’t have extra money–and we want you to be able to take care of your health no matter what!  Offering free or low-cost services is our way to help you make responsible decisions.

If you are able to pay for your services, consider making a donation.  This helps keep Teen Clinic open! You can donate here or drop a few bucks next time you’re in.  We also accept credit card donations.  

Teen Clinic used to be free to anyone under 20. Why did this change?

Teen Clinic relies on funding from many different sources, including the Title X federal family planning program, Boulder and Broomfield counties, the City of Boulder, private foundations, and individual donations.  In a constantly changing political and economic climate, depending solely on outside funding can make us vulnerable, decreasing our ability to offer comprehensive, confidential services. Starting in January 2014, we will be asking patients over 18 who earn an income to pay a small flat fee for their visit or to use their insurance. But just because someone is 18 or 19, it doesn’t mean they have to use insurance or that their visit may cost anything. For some 18 or 19 year olds, the visit will still be free.

For others who have to pay, they will still only be charged a small fee. This is still lower-cost than the sliding scale at our adult clinic–and less than a quarter of what the services actually cost!

Concerned about cost? Give us a call at 303-442-5160 so we can go over our free or  low cost confidential services with you!

If I’m 18 can I still go to Teen Clinic?

Yes!  Teen Clinic offers services to anyone under the age of 20.  See the question above for how Teen Clinic is different for people 17 and under, and people who are 18 or 19.

Once you turn 20, we welcome you at our adult clinic in Boulder!

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes,  patients can bring a friend, family member, or partner  with them to Teen Clinic so they feel more comfortable.

However, please know that we will bring you back alone for your actual visit (Curious why? Check out this recent Q&A.)

I need more birth control.  I already have a prescription from Teen Clinic; do I still need to make an appointment?

Nope! If you have a current prescription at Teen Clinic and need to pick up more birth control, you can walk in at either location any time we’re open. 

I need to get my yearly exam; do I need to make an appointment?

Yes! You will need an appointment for a yearly exam. For information on how to make an appointment, click here.

What days can I walk in to pick up birth control, Emergency Contraception, or condoms?

You can pick up your birth control, Emergency Contraception, or grab free condoms, any time we’re open! Check out our hours here.

What if I can’t come to Teen Clinic during Teen Clinic hours?

No problem! We have specific teen-only hours on Saturdays in Boulder and Mondays in Longmont for people who prefer that. But teens can come in any time we’re open for their services. Check out our hours here.

Does Teen Clinic offer STI testing, or is it only for birth control?

Yes! Teen Clinic does offer a variety of services, including STI testing. You will need to make an appointment for most of our services though. Click here to see which things we can do in an appointment or on a walk-in basis!

HIV testing is offered twice a month on a first come, first served basis. It is important to get tested because most STIs show little or even no symptoms at all.  To find our next HIV testing date, click here.

What if I don’t have a job–can I still come to Teen Clinic?

Yes Teen Clinic is completely FREE for anyone under 18! If you are 18 or 19, your services will be free or low-cost. Concerned about cost? Give us a call at 303-442-5160 so we can go over our free or  low cost confidential services with you!

We do accept and appreciate donations. Your donation helps keep Teen Clinic open!

If I am pregnant, what should I do?

Teen Clinic has confidential, unbiased decision counseling so you can sit down and talk to somebody about all of your thoughts and feelings and decide what the best thing is for you to do. For more information on Pregnancy and Parenting teens, click here.