Teen Clinic is here for YOU too!

Parents and Guardians can play an important role in helping us (youth) to make healthy decisions about sex. Research shows that we are more confident in our decisions when we have a trusted adult to talk to. We may or may not want to talk to you about sex, but there are lots of things you can do to make yourself available to us. Be sure to check out our tips on talking with us about sex and sexual health.


Why is there a teen clinic?

Teen Clinic is here to support youth in their efforts to stay healthy and make responsible sexual decisions. Teen Clinic provides exams, testing, supplies and information for those under 20 years of age in a caring, confidential and youth friendly environment by medical practitioners who specialize in the care of teens. Many teens who come to the Teen Clinic are either not sexually active, are just seeking information or are here to support a friend.

Are adults allowed to come into the Teen Clinic?

We encourage all teens to discuss their visit and decisions with their parents or guardian. In fact, about half of our Teen Clinic patients report that they have told a parent or guardian about coming to Teen Clinic. We even have parents or guardians who accompany their child to the center and help them to make a donation for services.

Why is the Teen Clinic confidential?

Unfortunately, not all teens are able to tell their parent or guardian that they are sexually active and say that, if their privacy is not guaranteed, they may not seek care. These teens still have a right to reproductive health services that can help them stay non-pregnant and STI free. Because of this, federal Title X regulations and state statutes assure that all minors have access to confidential family planning services. (Colorado 13-22-103 Minors- Birth Control Services Rendered by Physicians and 13-22-105 Minors’ access to medical, dental and related services). These confidentiality policies for minors are supported by many respected health care organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Public Health Association.

But I’m a parent or guardian, isn’t it my right to know about my child’s healthcare?

Because of these confidentiality policies, we are not able to discuss your child’s visit with you or release medical records to you without the patient’s consent. We are able to discuss our clinic services and general reproductive health and prevention information with you. We are also happy to provide you with support in keeping the lines of communication about sexuality open with your teen.