HPV Vaccine

Parents, guardians and youth have lots of questions about GARDASIL the vaccine for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Getting a vaccine can be a big decision, one that should be made by finding out information and talking with a trusted adult.

For more information on Gardasil, see the CDC website. Or see the Vaccine Information Statement in English or Spanish.

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What is the Human Papilloma Virus?

Visit our HPV page to learn about the virus, it’s transmission, symptoms, complications, testing, and treatment.

How does GARDASIL protect me?

Gardasil is a vaccine to protect you from HPV, the human papilloma virus.  Gardasil is approved for everyone ages 9-26 year old  and is given in a series of three shots. Gardasil covers types 6,11,16,18 — the strains of HPV which account for about 70% of cervical cancer cases and 90% of genital warts.

How much does GARDASIL cost?

Everyone between the ages of 9-18 who qualify for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program will not be charged for any of the three shots.

But how do I know if I qualify for the VFC program?

You qualify if you are eligible for Medicaid, if you have no health insurance, or if you are Native American or Alaskan Native.

What if I meet all of these requirements, but I’m 19 years old? I’m STILL a teen!

If you are 19 years old, you can still get the HPV Vaccine at Teen Clinic.  If you are 19 and covered by Medicaid, this insurance will cover all three shots.  If you are 19 and do not have Medicaid or any other health insurance, you may qualify for the Merck Patient Assistance Program. Our staff will help you to figure this out.

What if I have health insurance?

Please call our clinic at least 5 days in advance of your appointment with your health insurance information. This will provide us with enough time to verify that we have a contract with your provider and to make sure that we can bill your provider on the day you come in for your shot.  If you have health insurance but it does not cover vaccines, you may go to Boulder Public Health Department to get the shots.

Do I need to get consent from a parent of guardian to get GARDASIL?

Anyone under the age of 18 who wants to get the HPV vaccine needs to have their parent or guardian sign a consent form.