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How can you tell if you or someone has herpes?

posted on November 9, 2018 7:39 pm

This is a great question! Lets talk a little bit about Herpes! There are two different types of Herpes, Herpes Simplex Virus I & II.  Type I presents itself as cold sores on the the mouth so it is not considered an STI unless it’s transmitted through unprotected oral sex (mouth to genital contact). Type II is usually called “Genital Herpes” because it […]

My period hasn’t come in over a month…

posted on November 9, 2018 7:12 pm

… Could it be possible that Plan B  delayed it or am I pregnant? One of the most common side effects of taking emergency contraception is a change in a period.  Because it contains a large dose of hormones, it can disrupt someone’s cycle.  For some people, it may jump start a full period, or light spotting, or it may delay someone’s […]

Are abortions free and do I need a parent signature if I’m under 18?

posted on November 2, 2018 6:04 pm

Keep in mind that Teen Clinic does not offer abortions. We can however tell you a little bit about the law in Colorado. In Colorado, minors do not need parental consent to receive an abortion. However, state law does require that they notify their parents/guardian before.  A minor can choose to notify their parents themselves (with a certification form), or they […]

I have been having unprotected sex for the past year on Nexplanon….

posted on November 2, 2018 5:59 pm

…. and so far I have not gotten pregnant. However I had my period the whole summer (consistently for 20 days straight) and now I have not had anything at all. I was wondering about my chances of pregnancy from this or if it is from the irregularity of Nexplanon.   It is important to […]

Can I buy condoms if I’m only 14, and can I buy plan b pills??

posted on October 27, 2018 5:28 pm

Great question! In the state of Colorado there isn’t an age restriction to buy condoms or Emergency Contraception over the counter.  In some places, Emergency contraception may be between $40-$50. Teen Clinic also offers these materials as well. Anyone can walk into Teen Clinic to pick up condoms for free. If someone wants to get […]