My friend wants condoms but he doesn’t know where to go, and I’m his best friend so I told him about Teen Clinic. He said he was too shy to go…

… so I said I’d pick them up for him. But now I’m thinking I don’t want my mom and dad to think I’m having sex and I don’t have any way of going to the clinic.  What do I do?

First of all, thanks for telling your buddy about Teen Clinic! You’re being a good friend by helping him make responsible sexual health decisions.

Tell your friend that the free condoms at Teen Clinic are available on the waiting room tables. This means he doesn’t have to make an appointment—he can walk in, grab a handful, and walk out!  If he’s feeling shy, he can also call ahead. We’ll prepare a brown paper bag of condoms for him to pick up—that way, no one else can see what he has.  And tell him that Saturdays in Boulder (1-6pm) are often quiet. This can be a good time to stop by without running into anyone.

We know transportation can be tough for teens. Thankfully, both of our clinics are located near easy-to-use bus routes. This website can help you figure out how to get to us if you don’t have access to a car. If your friend can’t get to Teen Clinic for some reason, make sure he knows that condoms can be purchased at any gas station, convenience store, or grocery store.  Buying them may seem embarassing, but it’s important to use a condom correctly, consistently, and all the time to avoid unplanned pregnancies and STI transmission!

Finally, consider talking to your parents about your friend! This could be a great opportunity to show your parents that you understand how to make safe sexual health decisions. They may be less likely to worry about your decisions if you’re communicating with them.  Good luck!