Can I come to the women’s clinic when I need Plan B and Teen Clinic is closed?

Yes!  As a Women’s Health patient, you are welcome to walk in for Plan B any time we’re open. The only difference is that you might have to pay a little more when you visit during adult hours.  During Teen Clinic hours, we have special funding that makes it possible for us to offer teens free and very low-cost services. This funding is not available for teens visiting during adult hours.

At the adult clinic, we offer services on a sliding scale. That means the amount you pay depends on how much you make.  If you don’t have an income, it’s likely that your services will be free, but we can’t guarantee it. Bring some extra money just in case there’s a charge. If you want to find out how much it will cost ahead of time, call our main line to get an estimate. And remember— your donations keep Teen Clinic open. Even throwing a dollar or two into the fishbowl makes a big difference.

It’s responsible that you’re planning how to get Plan B ahead of time! Consider using condoms 100% and making an appointment to start a birth control method, too.  We’re here to help you stay healthy and safe.

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