A month ago I had protected vaginal and anal sex. Then twelve days ago I was in a car crash. I have very bad injuries and I’m now on very strong pain killers. My period was supposed to come five days ago…

…When I woke up this morning, I found brown discharge on my underwear.  I went to the toilet an hour later and there was alot of blood on the toilet paper; now there is nothing.  Is it normal for this to be happening?

First of all, we’re glad you’re okay!  As you know, car crashes can be a shock to the body—and that includes the reproductive system.  Big emotional or physical events—like illness, surgery, stress, break-ups, or a car crash—can definitely affect the period. Some people may experience early menstruation; others may get their period late or not at all, depending on the level of trauma.  Be patient with your body while it processes the accident.  Your natural cycle will return with healing.

It’s a great idea to rule out pregnancy just in case. If you visited a hospital for your injuries, they may have already run a test. Give them a call to find out!  You may also choose to make an appointment at Teen Clinic or purchase a pregnancy test at a pharmacy.  It’s always better to know.

If you experience symptoms longer than a week, consider making an appointment at Teen Clinic to be sure you’re healthy. It’s smart that you’re so aware of your body.  Best of luck with your healing process!