Are there birth control pills that can get rid of acne? And are there birth control pills that will give me less periods in a year?…

…Also, should I make an appointment to get birth control pills?

Fabulous questions. The answers are yes, yes, and yes!

Last things first: The best way to start a birth control method at Teen Clinic is to make an appointment. While we can occasionally start new patients on a method as a walk-in, we often have to turn people away due to time constraints. To schedule, give us a call at 303-442-5160 on the day before you’d like to come in.  If you have trouble scheduling, Monday night Teen Clinic in Boulder (4-6) is the best time to try walking in.

Once you’re in your appointment, make sure the nurse knows the types of methods you’re most interested in. Some birth control pills are FDA-approved to treat acne; your provider will be able to determine if these are safe, healthy options for you! Bring up your interest in having fewer periods, too. Some pill options only allow a period once every three months. There are also very effective hormonal methods that are not pills—like the Mirena IUD, Implanon, or the Depo Shot—which may stop your period altogether.

See you soon!