Are your pregnancy tests more sensitive than the ones I buy at a local pharmacy?

Nope!  Our pregnancy tests are exactly the same as the ones you buy at a local pharmacy.  So why would someone come to Teen Clinic to test for pregnancy?

First, it’s free or low cost! Pregnancy tests can cost from $1-15, and some teens may not have access to this money. Second, at Teen Clinic, a person doesn’t have to second-guess whether or not they did the test correctly. Our clinic assistants have run hundreds of pregnancy tests and know how to complete the test accurately. Third, Teen Clinic is confidential. It’s easy to test for pregnancy without worrying about who might see the wrapper, box, or dipstick.

Lastly—but most importantly—Teen Clinic offers free or low cost, unbiased options counseling. If someone discovers they’re pregnant, she can talk to one of our staff about adoption, abortion, and carrying the pregnancy to term.  She can also brainstorm ways to talk to their parents about the pregnancy. Teen Clinic can be a great way to feel supported when an unexpected pregnancy occurs.

Pregnancy tests are offered by appointment. You can call us at 303-442-5160 to make an appointment or if you have more questions! Thanks for the great question!