Can a teen get the pill without parental consent? Do your parents have to know anything about the visit?

No!  In Colorado, it’s actually your legal right to get reproductive healthcare without parental notification or consent. That means you can walk into Teen Clinic or make an appointment any day we’re open without your parents/guardians knowing or being involved. All of our appointments are confidential- including STI testing & treatment, birth control methods, exams, emergency contraception and pregnancy tests. The only exception is for the HPV vaccine Gardasil- teens under 18 must have parental/guardian signature to receive it.

Even though Teen Clinic is confidential, we’ll always encourage you to talk to a parent or trusted adult about your sexual health.  If you’re not sure how to approach the topic, chat with one of our nurses during your appointment.  Reading our section for parents/guardians might help you understand your parents better, too.