Can I buy condoms if I’m only 14, and can I buy plan b pills??

Great question!

In the state of Colorado there isn’t an age restriction to buy condoms or Emergency Contraception over the counter.  In some places, Emergency contraception may be between $40-$50.

Teen Clinic also offers these materials as well. Anyone can walk into Teen Clinic to pick up condoms for free.

If someone wants to get Emergency Contraception at Teen Clinic they have a couple of options.  They can get it for free if they have already been a patient. In order to be a patient at Teen Clinic someone needs to make an appointment to see a medical provider.

If someone has never been a patient (and maybe doesn’t want to) they can get Emergency contraception for $20.

Feel free to stop by our Teen Clinic, or give us a call to make an appointment at 303-442-5160