Can I get an emergency contraception without a parent?

Great question!

Lets talk a little bit about emergency contraception.

Emergency contraception  is a hormonal emergency birth control method used to delay ovulation in the hopes of preventing pregnancy. The hormones prevent ovulation – the process when the ovaries release an egg – and thicken cervical mucus. Plan B is not an abortion pill. It will not harm or end a pregnancy; it will only work to delay ovulation to reduce the risk of a pregnancy.

It is important to know that In the state of Colorado, the law says that minors have the right to access any sexual healthcare without the consent or notification of their parents. That means they can start a birth control method, get tested for STIs, or get any other sexual healthcare without their parents being involved at all. In fact, it’s illegal for clinics to share sexual health information with parents (or anyone else!) without an individual’s permission. Teen Clinic offers free or low-cost and confidential sexual health services.

With that being said, Teen Clinic encourages teens to have a trusted adult in their life that they can talk to about their sexual health- whether it be a parent, a teacher, a coach, or an aunt or uncle. But we also understand that teens might not have someone they can talk to. That’s why Teen Clinic offers a safe and confidential space for teens to get the information and/or care that they might need.

If someone has already been a patient with Teen Clinic, they can come in and get Emergency Contraception for a low cost, or even for free! If someone has not been a patient with Teen Clinic, they can come in and get Emergency Contraception for $20.  Someone could also buy Emergency Contraception at a store without their parent, and there is no age restriction to buy it.

If you want to walk in and get emergency contraception or if you want to make an appointment, give us a call! 303-442-5160