Can I get the birth control implant even though I’m not sexually active?

The birth control implant is also known as the Implanon or Nexplanon. It is a long term, reversible hormonal birth control method used to reduce someone’s chance of pregnancy by 99% for up to 3 years! The hormones prevent ovulation – the process when the ovaries release an egg – and thicken cervical mucus to effectively prevent pregnancy.

Although hormonal birth control can be very effective, many people will start a birth control method for reasons other than pregnancy prevention. Hormonal methods of birth control can help to regulate someone’s hormones. When that happens, there can be positive side effects such as helping clear up acne, regulating your period, helping to lighten your period and cramping, helping with mood-swings, and/or overall lessening the side effects of your period.

This means that if someone is not having sex, or not having the type of sex that can result in pregnancy, being on a hormonal method of birth control can be an option.

Before someone is started on any type of hormonal birth control, they need to make an appointment with a medical professional to determine which method would be best for them. Click here to make an appointment at Teen Clinic or call 303-442-5160.