Can I get “the day after pill” at Teen Clinic?

Yes! Plan B is an emergency contraception pill that is often referred to as “the day after pill” or “the morning after pill.” Someone can take Plan B up to 5 days after unprotected sex to help reduce their risk of pregnancy, but it’s important to remember that the sooner Plan B is taken the more effective it will be. Teen Clinic offers Plan B on a walk-in basis at both our Boulder and Longmont clinic. You can walk in any time we are open to pick up Plan B.

The hours and locations of both our Boulder and Longmont locations are:

2855 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO

  • Monday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2)
  • Tuesday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2)
  • Wednesday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2)
  • Thursday: 2-6pm
  • Saturday: 11-3pm for teens ONLY

82 21st Ave. Longmont, CO

  • Monday: 9-1pm for all patients, 2-6pm for teens ONLY
  • Tuesday: 9-6pm (closed 1-2)
  • Thursday: 2-6pm
  • Friday: 9-2 pm

If you are 17 and under, all services at either clinic are on a free or donation basis! So this means that you can go to our Boulder or Longmont clinic and receive whatever services you need (including Plan B) for free.

If you are 18 or 19, your services might be free, or there may be a small fee based on your income. This means that Plan B may be completely free, or up to $3. But the most someone will pay for Plan B if they are a teen is $3.

If someone is 20 or older though, they do not qualify for our special Teen Clinic pricing, but their services will still be charged based on their income.

If you have any questions on our Teen Clinic pricing, call us at 303-442-5160.