Can you get herpes in the mouth? If so, can you give yourself it by accidentally touching your sperm then touching your mouth?

 … I’m scared. I don’t want to tell my parents I masturbate.

Herpes is a virus that transmits through skin-to-skin contact.  It does not transmit through semen, vaginal fluid, or blood—so no, it’s not possible to accidentally give yourself herpes by touching semen and then touching the mouth. In rare cases, it is possible to spread herpes by touching a genital sore and then quickly touching the mouth (or vice versa); however, herpes is fragile and this is unlikely.

It’s good to remember that in order to get herpes, you must come into contact with the mouth or genitals of someone who already has herpes.  For this reason, masturbating alone does not carry a risk of STIs. Although you may not feel comfortable with your parents knowing that you masturbate, rest assured that masturbation is a healthy and normal way to explore your sexuality, and will not damage the body in any way. Thanks for asking!