Can you have sex with out having your first period?

When someone decides when to have sex it totally up to them!

If you’re considering becoming sexually active, spend some time thinking about why sexual activity might be right for you. Make sure you’re not feeling pressured by friends or a partner.  Be confident that sex isn’t linked to your self-esteem, and definitely don’t have sex just because someone else wants you to.

Another important thing to think about is consent. Consent is when people agree to a sexual activity without pressure, force or without being tricked. Anyone involved in the activity must be comfortable and feel safe.  Another thing to think about is your “readiness.” It’s important that someone feels emotionally and physically ready for any type of sexual activity. Knowing the risks, knowing a partner and knowing yourself are key parts of readiness.

While someone can choose to have sex before they have had their first period, it is important to know that someone can still get pregnant even if they have not had their period yet. It is a good idea to think about a form of birth control.  Most methods can be up to 99% effective when used correctly.  Also thinking about reducing the risk of STIs by using condoms and dental dams is also a good idea. Teen Clinic provides low-cost and confidential STI testing and birth control consultations.

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