Can you still get pregnant if you had BV for a year and didn’t know until presently?

Bacterial vaginitis, or BV, is an organic infection in which normal healthy bacteria are absent from the vagina, and other bacteria are present in abnormally high numbers.  In some people, BV will occur naturally right before or right after menstruation, then resolve itself. In other cases, the imbalance may require medical treatment.

In very rare cases, a bacterial vaginitis infection can turn into PID, or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. There is an increased risk of infertility from PID; however, BV that has not turned into PID will not cause infertility. It may cause bleeding, pain during intercourse, increased discharge, itching, or burning.

If you have not received treatment for your BV yet, make an appointment at Teen Clinic! The practitioners there will be able to answer your questions about fertility in depth. And don’t forget to use a condom consistently, correctly, and every time to prevent pregnancy and STIs.