Do you have to set up a check up with a doctor before getting birth control?

At Teen Clinic, we do require that new patients make an appointment to start a birth control method, but we do not require a pelvic exam.  When you come in, one of our nurse practitioners will screen your personal and family medical history to make sure it’s safe to start on birth control.  She will also explain the different options, helping you choose a contraceptive that fits your lifestyle.  Most patients leave with a birth control method that same day!

After you’ve been on your method for three months, we ask you to come back for your Annual Exam.   During this visit, the practitioner will make sure your method is working out for you. She’ll also learn about your overall health, and answer any questions you might have.  We do not require a pelvic exam at the Annual visit (why?), but some patients request them.

If you’re interested in starting a birth control method, give us a call soon! Teen Clinic uses Next-Day Scheduling, so you’ll want to call the day before you want to come in, as close to 9am as possible. (Don’t leave a message if you get the machine; just keep calling.)  That means you’ll call Friday morning for a Saturday appointment, Monday morning for a Tuesday appointment, etc. We look forward to helping you stay healthy and responsible!