Do you have to shave before you have sex?

Everyone has pubic hair. Usually you’ll start to notice pubic hair around puberty. Pubic hair is a completely normal part of growing into a young adult. Why do we have pubic hair in the first place?  Many clinicians believe that pubic hair protects against infection.

Choosing whether or not to shave your genitals is a very personal decision.  Some people shave because they find it more attractive; some people don’t shave because they find it more attractive. Some people shave because they find it more pleasurable; some people don’t shave because they find it more pleasurable!  In the end, your decision will come down to what you prefer.  Try to avoid thinking of shaving as something you’re “supposed to” do–it’s your body!

Medically, either decision can be safe and clean.  Keep in mind that small cuts in the genital area make it easier for sexually transmitted infections to spread. If you do shave and happen to cut yourself, make sure you know whether or not your partner has STIs, and avoid intercourse until the cuts have healed.  Those who shave may experience itching when the hair begins to grow back in. They may also experience ingrown hairs, which is when a hair grows backward into the skin, causing inflammation and irritation.  However, plenty of healthy and happy adults remove the hair from their genitals.  Check out this guide to grooming options.

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