Do you still risk getting an STI/STD if sperm or vaginal fluid comes in contact with a cut on your hand?

STIs can be transmitted through sperm or vaginal fluids, and in some cases by getting infected blood or other fluids into open sores. However, there are a couple important things to understand: in order for transmission to be possible, one person has to have an STI first (in other words, they don’t happen spontaneously just because sexual fluids came in contact with a sore). Secondly, there’s really only one STI that could be transmitted from sexual fluids coming in contact with an open sore, and that’s HIV. It’s easier for HIV to get into your body if you have sores, cuts, or openings in your skin that semen, vaginal fluids, or blood may get into. But again, transmission would only be possible if the person whose sperm or vaginal fluids touched the sore had tested positive for HIV and was not taking appropriate medication.

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