Does a parent or guardian have to be present for an appointment?

Nope! In Colorado, minors have the right to access birth control and STI-related services without parental consent and notification. You can start a birth control method or get tested on your own at Teen Clinic even if you’re under 18. It’s actually illegal for us to share your information (even with your parents) unless you specifically tell us we can!

At Teen Clinic, we think it’s important to talk to your parents about sex—but we also understand how difficult these conversations can be. You might not be sure where to start, and your parents may feel uncomfortable with the topic. Teen Clinic is a safe place you can go to ask questions, learn about your body, and get advice. We can help you brainstorm how to talk to your parents, or just keep you safe and healthy until you’re ready.  Your parents are also welcome to give us a call if they have questions or need support.

Thanks for asking this important question! If you’re ready to come in, give us a call to make an appointment.