I’ve had the five-year IUD for a year but I hate it. How much would it be to have it removed?

At Teen Clinic, all services are free to those under 18, and low-cost to 18 and 19 year olds! If you don’t think your birth control method is working out for you, make an appointment to talk to one of our practitioners. They can help you be sure that removal is the best option. They can also help you choose a different birth control method; remember, pregnancy is possible as soon as an IUD is removed.

If you’ve turned 20 since you got the IUD, you’re welcome to use our adult clinic for your removal. (Visit www.boulderwomenshealth.org for hours and other details.)  At Women’s Health, services are charged on a sliding scale. That means you’ll pay for the removal based on what you make. For some people, services are cheap or even free at Women’s Health. Call 303-442-5160 to have a clinic assistant estimate the cost of your removal.