Hello!!! I have a question, I was on depovera for 2-3 injections in 2018. Then never went back for injections because i stopped having sex for a while. I am hanging out with my boyfriend (long distance) in a few weeks. I got my shot May 5th. I was not on my period & haven’t gotten my period since. I plan on not having sex for a few more weeks & if i do will be with condom. But, my doctor said because i was on Depo before & going back on it, that it will take 3 months to be 99% effective, basically until i get my next shot. Will i get pregnant if i dont use a condom even though i’m on the shot?

The Depo Provera shot takes 1 week to become effective, so if you got your most recent shot on May 5th, on May 12 it would be fully effective. If you see your boyfriend in a few weeks and have sex without a condom, you’ll be approximately 99% protected from getting pregnant. The most important thing to remember about the shot is that you have to go back in 3 months to get your next one! Finally, remember that the shot does not protect against STIs; make sure to use condoms if there’s any concern about STI transmission.