Hi. I would like to go on birth control because I have been sexually active for a while…..

…….but I was not able to be put on the pill. I was wondering what method of birth control would be best for me?

Great job thinking about your sexual health!

Being on a form of birth control if you are sexually active is a great idea.  Most methods can be up to 99% effective when used correctly. The best way to find out which birth control method would be best for you is by making an appointment with a medical professional.  They will go over your health history and they can help you decide which method may be best!

You can make an appointment for this at Teen Clinic.  Teen Clinic offers free and low cost, confidential services for anyone 19 and under. If you want to make an appointment at Teen Clinic  give us a call at 303-442-5160

You can also take a look at the different birth control methods here so you have an idea of what is out there!