Hi just today I had sex and my girlfriend took off my condom with out me knowing or feeling and I ejaculated inside her thinking I still had a condom….

….We planned to go to the drug store tomorrow and buy plan B to be safe but I had two questions: 1. How long until we know it worked (she has an irregular menstrual cycle and just 5 days ago she finished having her period I believe) 2. How long after she takes the pills can she take a pregnancy test i.e. a couple of days after she takes the pills or when her period is scheduled but like I mentioned she is irregular.

Great question, so let’s start with talking about Plan B. Plan B is a brand of Emergency Contraception. Emergency Contraception contains a high level of progesterone.  This spike of progesterone in the body can prevent ovulation, or keep the egg from being released from the ovary. It is important to take Plan B as soon as possible after someone thinks pregnancy could have occurred. Emergency Contraception doesn’t work if the person has already ovulated. Also, someone can take Emergency Contraception up to 5 days after pregnancy might have occurred.

To answer your other question, someone can take a pregnancy test 14 days after they think pregnancy might have occurred. This is when someone will get an accurate result. It doesn’t matter when a person is on their period, or where they are at with their pills, they will get an accurate pregnancy test 14 days after.

Another important thing to think about is consent. Consent is when people agree to a sexual activity without pressure, force or without being tricked. Anyone involved in the activity must be comfortable and feel safe. So, if your partner removed your condom without you knowing, that might not have been something you consented to, so maybe that is a conversation you would want to have with her about what you feel comfortable and safe with.

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