How can you know who infected you with Chlamydia?

If the person who finds out they have Chlamydia doesn’t have a partner who has told them that they’ve also gotten it, finding out how someone contracted the STI will be a process of elimination.

For example, lets say that someone has tested negative for STIs in the past. If that person tests positive the next time they’re tested, they can conclude that a partner that they’ve had since the last time they were tested probably gave it to them.

There are four ways in which someone can come into contact with an STI. They are referred to as the four modes of transmission. They are as follows:

  • Blood
  • Sexual Fluids
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Mother to child

Chlamydia can be transmitted by sexual fluids, or from mother to child. If someone comes into contact with sexual fluids during oral, anal, or vaginal sex, Chlamydia can be transmitted.

Because Chlamydia can be transmitted through all three of these types of sex, condoms and dental dams can be really important in reducing someone’s risk of contracting this, or any other, STI.

Keep in mind how Chlamydia can be transmitted, and it may help narrow down the question of who could’ve infected someone with the STI.

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