How long does semen live in your body on the Nexplanon?

Good question!

Sperm lives in the vagina up to 5 days, regardless of what kind of birth control someone is on.

Let’s also talk a little bit about the Nexplanon!

Nexplanon is a long term, reversible hormonal birth control method used to effectively reduce the risk of pregnancy. 

Nexplanon is a single matchstick-sized rod that is placed underneath the skin in the upper arm. A nurse or doctor inserts the rod. Once inserted, the rod releases hormones gradually for up to three years.

Once the person has had the Nexplanon for 7 days, it reduces the risk of pregnancy up to 99%, even if ejaculation in the vagina occurs.

Remember, hormonal methods, like the Nexplanon do NOT protect against STIs. Only condoms and dental dams can do that!