I’ve been taking birth control for the past three weeks, but sometimes I take it 30 minutes to an hour late. I only had unprotected sex yesterday…

…but he didnt ejaculate in me. Is there a high possibility I am pregnant?

In order for hormonal birth control pills to work correctly, we recommend that patients take them within the same hour every day.  According to these instructions, you are taking your pills the right way.  Good work! Continue to aim for the same time every day to keep your birth control as effective as possible.

It’s impossible to tell if someone is pregnant over the internet. If you are concerned, take a pregnancy test ten days after the unprotected sex. (This is the earliest the test would be effective.) Even though pills are more than 99% effective when used perfectly, we recommend continuing to use condoms 100% as well. Condoms prevent infection and can serve as a backup pregnancy prevention method—so you never have to worry! 

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