I got my Depo shot two weeks ago and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend yesterday …

….and he did not pull out. Is there any chance I can be pregnant? I heard that after a week  the Depo is in full effect and you are protected against pregnancy?

Once someone has had a hormonal form of birth control (like the Depo shot)  for 1 week it can help prevent pregnancy up to 99% (even if ejaculation occurs in the vagina).  It takes a full week for the hormones to be integrated into the body and start working.

In order for the Depo Shot to be effective, a person needs to get the shot every 3 months.

So if the sexual contact happened after that first initial week, you would’ve been protected up to 99%.

Remember, the Depo Shot does not protect against STIs, only condoms and dental dams can.

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