I got my Implanon removed nine days ago, and had unprotected sex the next day. Could I be pregnant? When should I expect my period?

Implanon is a reversible method, which means that it only prevents pregnancy as long as someone is using it.   It’s best to assume that a person can get pregnant as soon as the Implanon is removed. If you’ve had unprotected sex since your Implanon removal, we do recommend taking a pregnancy test. It’s always better to know. Pregnancy tests are accurate 14 days after unprotected intercourse.

After Implanon, you may not get your period regularly at first. Keep track of any bleeding to make sure you’re healthy. Remember, too, that it’s responsible to use a birth control method if you’re going to be sexually active. Make an appointment at Teen Clinic to figure out which method will work for you next!