I had a light and irregular period after getting Implanon inserted, then I had unprotected sex and missed my period last month, but I am still on Implanon. Am I pregnant?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know over the internet whether or not you’re pregnant. The best way to know is to take a test. Teen Clinic offers free or low-cost pregnancy tests. To get a pregnancy test, call us at 303-442-5160 to make an appointment. You can also purchase pregnancy tests at local pharmacies and grocery stores to use at home.

Many patients experience light or irregular periods after their Implanon insertions, and some don’t get a period at all. By using Implanon, you’re more than 99% protected from pregnancy.  It is extremely rare for pregnancy to occur during Implanon use, but it still may be worth taking the test. Over time, you’ll get used to the way Implanon affects your period, and you may feel more confident that you’re not pregnant.

However, we do not recommend having unprotected sex. Implanon and other hormonal birth control methods do not prevent against sexually transmitted infections. Using condoms every time will help keep you safe and healthy. Even if you’re in a trusted relationship, try to stay in the habit of using them just in case. It’s your health!