I had sex on the last day of my period with my boyfriend without protection. Can I get pregnant?

Many people think that they cannot get pregnant if they have unprotected sex while on their period. In reality, pregnancy depends on ovulation- the process in which an egg is released. Ovulation can happen at any time during someone’s period, making pregnancy possible during the period.

Unless you are practicing the natural family planning method, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible; to know when exactly you are ovulating. This means that even if you keep a period calendar, you need to be also keeping track of ovulation by doing things like taking your temperature and checking your cervical mucus daily. This method is often used after consulting a doctor. A doctor would advise you on how to correctly use this method.

With that being said, it’s important to say that pregnancy is possible whenever semen comes in contact with the vagina. If you are having unprotected sex, there is a risk for pregnancy

Teen Clinic always recommends using condoms and dental dams to help reduce the risk of STIs and unplanned pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to consider starting a birth control method when you’re thinking about having  the type of sex that can cause pregnancy. Talking to a trusted adult or medical professional when making the decision to be sexually active is something Teen Clinic highly encourages.

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