I had sex with a boy yesterday unprotected for the first time and I haven’t stopped bleeding since is that okay ?

It is hard to know exactly what is going on but we can clear some things up for you!

A possibility is that the sexual contact is too rough, or that enough lubrication was not used before hand. Lubrication is important during sexual contact. Although vaginas and penis’ are self-lubricating organs, often times enough lubrication is not produced. Some bodies self-lubricate quite a bit; some don’t at all! Lubrication will lower the amount of friction during sexual activity which will reduce any potential irritation.

Lubrication is also very important during anal sex.  The anus does not self lubricate naturally, so using lubrication will help reduce the risk of friction.  This can help things feel more comfortable, and can help reduce the risk of micro tears in the anus, which is a way STIs can be transmitted

Vaginal bleeding can also be a sign of an infection, whether a sexually transmitted infection or an organic infection, like yeast or bacterial vaginitis.

It is also important to remember that communication with any partner is important. If something feels uncomfortable or is painful, it is important to communicate that. Everyone involved should always feel comfortable and safe.

The only way to know for sure what is going on is to see a medical professional. You can do this at our Teen Clinic. Give us a call! 303-442-5160