I have always had my period on time. I haven’t had my period in almost three months now and I don’t know why…..

………. I’m not sexually active so I know I’m not pregnant. The only thing I do know is that I’m stressed, I have been using diet pills, and I get about 5 hours of sleep. When will my period come back? Not having it is making me more stressed.

While some people menstruate on the traditional 28-day cycle, plenty do not.  It’s possible you’ve had an anovulatory cycle (that you did not release an egg this month).  A missed ovulation can translate to a missed period. While this can be healthy and normal, make an appointment if you find yourself worrying about your period a lot. Our Teen Clinic practitioners can offer tips and strategies for regulating the period, and they’ll make sure you’re healthy.

With that being said, it’s important to know that someone’s period can actually fluctuate based on what’s going on in their life.  This means that stress, sickness, change in physical activity, can all contribute to a change of someone’s period.

Make an appointment with a medical professional to talk about your irregular period! Teen Clinic is here to help. We offer free or low-cost appointments. Learn how to make an appointment here.