I have an IUD Skyla and my BF comes inside of me….

…..he came two weeks ago, but today he also came and I’m ovulating what the chances of pregnancy ?

Once you’ve started taking a hormonal method of birth control, (like the Skyla IUD) for the first time you will have to abstain or use a back-up method (like condoms) for one week until it will be effective in preventing pregnancy. It takes one week for the hormones to “kick in” and be effective in preventing pregnancy.

After this week, the Skyla IUD is 99% effective in reducing the risk of pregnancy, even if ejaculation in the vagina occurs.

What is also important to remember is that pregnancy depends on ovulation- the process in which an egg is released. Ovulation can happen at any time during someone’s period, making pregnancy possible during, before,and after the period.

Unless you are practicing the natural family planning method, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to know when exactly you are ovulating. This means that even if you keep a period calendar, you need to be also keeping track of ovulation by doing things like taking your temperature and checking your cervical mucus daily. This method is often used after consulting a doctor. A doctor would advise you on how to correctly use this method.

It’s also important to remember that hormonal birth control methods do not protect you from STIs. Use dental dams and condoms during oral, anal, and vaginal sex to help reduce your risk of STI transmission!