I have had sex a lot, and I want a new start even though I haven’t had any symptoms. Is it smart for me to get STI testing done?

It’s really smart! Getting tested regularly is a great way to make sure you’re still healthy. Many STIs can be asymptomatic; it’s better to know for sure!  When you call Teen Clinic for an appointment, let them know you’d like an exam. While we can test for some STIs through a urine sample (chlamydia and gonorrhea) and some through a blood test (syphilis and HIV), others may require a sample from the vagina or penis, or a visual examination. (For a full break-down of what we can test for and what we can’t, check out this question.)

To make an appointment, give us a call the day before you’d like to come in.  We only test for HIV once a month at each location, so you might want to coordinate with these dates. (HIV testing is available on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in Longmont and the first Tuesday of the month in Boulder.)

Thanks for making a healthy choice!