I have had the depo shot about 4 times so far and I’ve been having unprotected sex…

…Almost every time he ejaculates inside of me, sometimes twice. Could I get pregnant from this? Does this increase my chances of getting pregnant?

First of all, good work—it’s great that you’ve chosen a birth control method and are sticking with it! Depo is more than 99% effective when you receive your shot on time.

It’s good to realize that no hormonal birth control is 100% effective.  Even the most effective methods on the market—like IUDs and Implanon—prevent pregnancy only 99.9% of the time.  In very rare cases, someone becomes pregnant even though they are using a method correctly. Teen Clinic recommends using condoms 100% as a backup and to prevent STI transmission.

So the answer is yes—allowing a partner to ejaculate inside you does increase the risk of pregnancy (although the risk will be low if you’ve received your Depo shot on time). But more importantly, allowing a partner to ejaculate inside you increases your risk for STIs! Talk to your partner about their past sexual history and whether or not they’ve gotten tested, and consider going to get tested together. (It’s free at Teen Clinic!)  Remember, it’s your health! Even though we all want to trust our partners, using condoms is a great way to keep the risks of sexual activity as low as possible.

If you have more questions, consider talking to your practitioner at your next Depo appointment. Our nurses are non-judmental and here to support you! And thanks for asking this important question!