I haven’t had my period in almost two months but haven’t had sex… Why is my period so late?

My periods have been irregular since I started five years ago, but never more than a month and a half apart that I can remember, I’ve had a few days of more exercise than usual but no major lifestyle changes, I’m well within my BMI range so not underweight… Why is my period so late?

While some people menstruate on the traditional 28-day cycle, plenty do not.  It’s possible you’ve had an annovulatory cycle (that you did not release an egg this month).  A missed ovulation can translate to a missed period. While this can be healthy and normal, make an appointment if you find yourself worrying about your period a lot. Our Teen Clinic practitioners can offer tips and strategies for regulating the period, and they’ll make sure you’re healthy.

If you are sexually active at all, even if you haven’t engaged in penetrative sex, it’s a good idea to take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is possible whenever semen comes in contact with the vagina. Also keep in mind that stress and worry can make a period late. Important tests, a fight with your partner, a near-car accident, or even worrying about your period can contribute to its irregularity!  So take a deep breath and a pregnancy test, and come see us if you’re still concerned.