I have recently ran out of my birth control..

And I wasn’t on it for a week but during the first of the week me and my boyfriend had sex and he ejaculated in me .. And I was wondering if I could get pregnant?

It is important to say that pregnancy is possible whenever sperm comes into contact with the vagina.  However, birth control methods greatly reduce that risk.  If you are taking your birth control correctly and consistently, you are up to 99% protected from pregnancy even if ejaculation in the vagina occurs.

If you stopped taking your birth control, and unprotected sex occurred, there is a risk of pregnancy. Emergency Contraception is an option. Emergency Contraception is a hormonal emergency birth control method used to delay ovulation to reduce the risk of a pregnancy. The hormones delay ovulation – the process when the ovaries release an egg – and thicken cervical mucus. Emergency Contraception is not an abortion pill. It will not harm or end a pregnancy; it will only work to delay ovulation to reduce the risk of a pregnancy. Emergency Contraception can be taken up to 5 days after pregnancy may have occurred, and it is more effective the sooner it is taken.

It would be a good idea to think about a different birth control option to help reduce the risk of pregnancy in the future. If you want to make an appointment or have more questions, give Teen Clinic a call at 303-442-5160