I have the Implanon and was wondering if a condom should still be used when the Implanon is present in the arm…

I’ve had the implanon just over 2 weeks now. I am not worried about getting an STD or anything like that as I have been with my partner for the last 5 years. But I am just worried about becoming pregnant. I know the Implanon is 99.9% successful at preventing pregnancy, but should a condom still be used? Or am I worrying too much?

First of all, kudos on being so proactive with your sexual health! It’s great that you’re asking questions.

Abstinence is the only way to prevent both pregnancy and STIs 100% of the time.  But like you’ve already said, the Implanon is 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy. When starting any new hormonal method of birth control, you need to use a back-up method (like condoms) or abstain from intercourse for the first week. After that, your method is effectively helping to protect you from unplanned pregnancy. If you followed these instructions, you will be 99.9% protected from pregnancy!

Keep in mind though that Teen Clinic always recommends using condoms in addition to a birth control method. Using condoms and dental dams will help to reduce your risk of contracting an STI, and will also give you additional pregnancy protection. Your Implanon will be your primary method of birth control, but using condoms in addition to this method can only help to protect you even more!