I just got Implanon and I was wondering how long to wait before having sex without a condom…

… One week? 2 days? One month?

Teen Clinic recommends using a back-up birth control method for seven days after your Implanon insertion. After the first week, Implanon prevents pregnancy 99.9% of the time.

However, Teen Clinic does not recommend having sex without a condom!

Here’s why:  unprotected sex carries a high risk for sexually transmitted infections, which can pass through skin-to-skin contact, sexual fluids, or blood. Some STIs don’t always have symptoms—so it’s possible your partner has an infection without knowing it. Choosing to have sex without a condom could put your health at risk.

Throughout your life, make it a priority to ask your partners about their past sexual experiences. Suggest getting tested at Teen Clinic. And keep in mind that, while it’s ideal to be able to fully trust a partner, sometimes people make decisions they’re not proud of and don’t tell their partners. It’s your health!  Using a condom correctly, consistently, and all the time will help keep you safe and healthy; a partner who doesn’t respect that doesn’t respect you.

Feel free to make an appointment at Teen Clinic if you’d like to talk to a practitioner about real-life condom use.  Discussing condoms and STIs with your partner can be hard, but it’s an essential part of being sexually active in a safe, healthy way.