I masturbate at least five times a week. ….

…….I have itching after orgasming, but then it goes away. Can I get an STD/STI from just touching myself? I have an odor, as well.

Great question!

Lets talk a little bit about STIsSTIs can be a very real risk for people if they are engaging in certain types of sexual contact. It’s good to know that when it comes to STIs there are four modes of transmission.  They are…

  • Blood
  • Sexual Fluids (Semen and Vaginal fluids)
  • Skin to skin contact (genital to genital)
  • And Mother to Child (Breastmilk and Vaginal Delivery)

In order for someone to contract an STI, they would need to engage in sexual activity with a person who already has an STI in which one or more of these modes would come into play.

Masturbation can be a safe way to explore your body and learn more about your sexual likes and dislikes.  Masturbation doesn’t come with a risk of STI transmission or pregnancy, and it doesn’t require the same communication skills as being sexually active with someone else. Self-masturbation can also help you figure out your sexual boundaries and preferences before you become sexually active with others. Masturbation also won’t damage or harm your body in any way.

If you have noticed a change in odor and/or discharge, and itching,  this can be a sign of infection. Not necessarily an STI, but other types of infections can cause these symptoms.

It would be a good idea to see a medical provider to determine what may be going on. You can make an appointment at Teen Clinic by calling us at 303-442-5160