I want to know if the Plan B pill will be effective if I take it on Wednesday and I had unprotected sex last Friday

Great question, so let’s start with talking about Plan B. Plan B is a brand of Emergency Contraception. Emergency Contraception contains a high level of progesterone.  This spike of progesterone in the body can prevent ovulation, or keep the egg from being released from the ovary.

It is important to take Plan B as soon as possible after someone thinks pregnancy could have occurred. Emergency Contraception doesn’t work if the person has already ovulated. Also, someone can take Emergency Contraception up to 5 days after pregnancy might have occurred.

So, since you took the Emergency contraception right on the 5 day mark, it could potentially still be effective, but wouldn’t be as effective as taking it right away.

You can take a pregnancy test 14 days after pregnancy may have occurred, and you can trust that result then.

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