I was fooling around with my boyfriend but we didn’t have sex. He wasn’t wearing anything, so no condom, and I was just wearing underwear…

... He didn’t ejaculate in me, but our genitals were touching; it wasn’t skin to skin, so I was wondering if I could get pregnant.

Pregnancy is possible whenever semen touches the vagina. Clothing is not always an adequate barrier for fluids, so there is a risk for pregnancy if ejaculation occurred on the underwear.  Come to Teen Clinic for free or low-cost emergency contraception if you are concerned, and consider starting a birth control method even if you’re not engaging in vaginal intercourse at this time.

Also, remember that some STIs, like Herpes and HPV, can spread through skin to skin contact.  Make sure you’ve discussed your partner’s past sexual history and have condoms on hand whenever the genitals come into contact.  It’s always better to plan ahead!