I was out of town and now the Boulder clinic has been closed and I ran out of birth control! I was supposed to take my pill again last Saturday. What should I do?

Although it’s most effective to start your next pill pack on time, there’s still an easy way to help prevent pregnancy:  use a condom! Condoms are cheap, easy to use, and available at nearly every pharmacy, grocery store, or gas station. (If you’re feeling self-conscious, choose a store with a self check-out option.  There is no age limit on buying condoms.)  Teen Clinic recommends using a condom even when you are on a hormonal birth control method—remember, the pill doesn’t prevent STIs!  Always keep properly-lubricated, non-expired condoms on hand if you are sexually active.

Boulder Teen Clinic will re-open Monday, April 11 at 5pm.  Stop in to pick up your birth control anytime between 5-7. We will also be open Tuesday from 4-7 and Saturday 1-6 next week, just like normal!  Call us at 303-442-5160 if you have any questions.  Thanks for being responsible!