If I go get tested for STIs, is there any way my mother will find out?

Nope!  In Colorado, the law states that minors can access contraceptive and STI-related services without parental notification or consent.  It’s actually illegal for us to discuss your care with anyone else—unless you tell us we can!  Because Teen Clinic is free or low-cost, you won’t need money from your parents to take care of your health. We also double check whether it’s okay to call, text, or leave you a message to help protect your confidentiality.

Teen Clinic can be a great place to brainstorm how to talk to your parents about sexual health. Feel free to share your concerns about confidentiality with our medical professionals. At the end of the day, getting tested is a healthy, responsible decision if you’re already sexually active! We recommend getting tested after new partners, unprotected sex, or at least once a year.