If I have head lice can it travel to my vaginal hair?…..

 …..If so should I shave the hair so it doesn’t?

Great question!

Pubic Lice are parasites that can be sexually transmitted. Pubic Lice are transmitted through direct skin to skin contact. Pubic Lice are only found on the genital area, but can be transmitted through indirect skin contact by sharing wet, used towels or loofa sponges. Using a condom during sexual contact can reduce the chance of transmission.

It is important to know that head lice and pubic lice are different. While they are both types of lice, they want to live and stay in their respective areas.

Head lice will only live and stay in the head hair follicle, and pubic lice want to stay in the pubic hair follicle. So, these different types of lice will not travel or transmit to the other part of the body.

Pubic Lice are cured with medicated  shampoo.  Shaving or waxing will NOT cure pubic lice. Because the lice live in the hair follicles, even if the hair is removed the lice can continue to live.

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