If my friend comes with me to my first appointment, does she have to stay in the waiting room?…

… Or can she come with me into the room?

At Teen Clinic, our policy is to bring patients back alone. This is for the patient’s protection—we want to make sure each patient feels they can honestly share information about their sexual health, family, relationships, and substance abuse history, without censoring themselves because someone else is in the room. We understand you may feel uncomfortable coming back alone your first time—but we promise we’re very nice!

After we’ve had a chance to talk to you, we’re happy to answer questions your partner or parent might have. If your friend has questions about sexual health, tell them to consider making an appointment, too! Lots of friends support each other by visiting Teen Clinic at the same time.

If you are having a procedure done—such as an Implanon or IUD insertion—feel free to ask the practitioner if your friend can come back. We’ll still want to talk to you alone at the beginning of the visit, but we know it can be nice to have a hand to hold during insertions.

Thanks for asking!