If you have not menstruated and you have sex, can you get pregnant?

That’s a great question!

A lot of people think that if a person hasn’t gotten their period yet, there is no way they can get pregnant. In reality though, this isn’t necessarily the case. Before someone menstruates, or starts their periodthey ovulate.  It is very difficult (and in some cases impossible) to know exactly when you’re ovulating.

So if someone has unprotected sex before they’ve gotten their first period,  they might be completely unaware that they are ovulating and can get pregnant. Technically, any time semen comes into contact with the vagina a pregnancy can happen.

Teen Clinic always recommends using condoms and dental dams to help prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to consider starting a birth control method when you’re thinking about having sex.  Talking to a trusted adult or medical professional when making the decision to be sexually active is something Teen Clinic highly encourages.

To find out more about the menstrual cycle and ovulation, check these questions out. Be sure to call Teen Clinic and speak with a medical professional with any other questions about your period!